This four piece from the North Shore of Boston is keen on making tightly written, guitar driven rock. Mod Gun is a group of close friends that don't care about anything more than the music they create. Their new album "No Beaches" is a collection of epic-indie rock with a touch of pop. Seas of guitars and catchy hooks are abound whenever they take the stage. They keep the energy flowing with deep rhythms and multiple vocalists. This group thrives on creativity, intensity, and bringing their sound to you.

Download "No Beaches" for free on bandcamp!

February 21, 8:30pm @ TT The Bears in Cambridge, MA

December 28, 6:00pm @ The Hive Community Center in Gloucester, MA

November 22-29 On Tour:
The Dugout in Washington, DC
 Power Ranger Lunch Box in Philadelphia, PA
The Flat in Brooklyn, NY

October 25, 8:00pm @ American Legion in Beverly, MA

October 21, 8:00pm @ Pianos NYC in Manhattan

September 22, 8:00pm @ Radio downstairs in Somerville, MA

September 16, 9:00pm @ O'briens in Allston, MA

August 24, 8:00pm @ The Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, MA

August 23,  8:00pm @ The Allston Ballroom in Allston, MA

August 17,  7:00 @ The Sink in Salem, MA
August 9, 6:30pm @ The Wreck Center 

July 21, 5:30pm @ The Dafty Dungeon

July 20, 1:00pm @ O'briens in Allston, MA

June 1, 10:30PM @ All Asia In Cambridge, MA  

May 24, 8:00pm @ O'briens in Allston, MA

April 20, 1:00pm @ Bexley Hall Beast Roast @ MIT

April 17, 7:30pm @ O'briens in Allston, MA

April 5, 6:00pm @ All Asia in Cambridge, MA

March 16, 12:00pm @ All Asia in Cambridge, MA

February 22, 7:00pm @ Moe's (Radio Downstairs) in Somerville, MA

February 1, 9:00pm @ All Asia in Cambridge, MA